Operation Develop

Development Strategy

Strategic Positioning

We will continue to focus on diversified power generation that benefits society and enhances overall development. Our goal is to establishDatang Power as the leading diversified energy generation company in China and to be recognized worldwide. Our strategic priority is toensure the competitiveness and profitability of the company so as to secure our long-term sustainability and our development goals.

Implementation Strategy

Datang Power is taking the power generation as the core business, the coal related business as the foundation, the coal chemicals as the newbusiness area, and the rail, port and shipment as the associated links. So Datang Power carries out different business plans: optimizeddevelopment of thermal power, vigorous development of hydropower, continuous development of wind power, active development of nuclear power,steady development of coal chemicals,selected development of coal mining,and development of associated railway, port and shipment as necessary support.

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