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Optimizing Thermal Power Development

Datang Power is a thermal power-based company, with more than 82% of our installed capacity coming from this power source. For this reason we must continue to optimize our thermal power structure if we are to achieve our sustainable development goals. By prioritizing the development of our large-capacity, high-parameter, low-consumption, lowemissions, and environmentally friendly generating units and our energy-efficient cogeneration and gas-fired units we are taking steps to achieve our goal. We also regularly optimize our thermal power structure and generation mix to consolidate our inherent advantages. As of 2013, we successfully manage 32,731 MW of installed thermal power capacity.

Providing Clean Energy

The expansion of the low-carbon economy has moved green growth to the forefront of today’s business operations in China. Providing a steady stream of clean energy to communities is one of our primary responsibilities. We are therefore developing clean, efficient and environmentally friendly thermal power, as well as hydropower, wind power, solar power and other renewable energy sources. Our goal is to raise our renewable generation capacity to more than 20% of our overall capacity by the end of the 12th Five- Year Plan. In 2013, clean energy and renewable energy generation accounted for 10.56% of our total generation.

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