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Message from the Chairman of the Board


How time flies! We will undoubtedly look back fondly on what was a wonderfully productive year for Datang Power in 2016, but as we enter 2017 it is time to focus in on our new dreams and our plans for the new year.

The concept of "Responsibility" drove our business in the 2016.The Party Central Committee’s "Four-ProngedComprehensiveStrategy" ( it refers to "comprehensively" building a moderatelyprosperous society, deepening reform,advancing the lawbasedgovernance of China and strengthening Party selfdiscipline) guided us to grasp the development opportunity in the beginning year of the 13th Five-Year Plan and fully implement the development concepts of innovation, coordination, green development, openness and sharing. To follow the trend in the reform of power industry and fulfill our economic, political and social responsibility as a central state-owned enterprise, we accelerated our pace to reconstruct structure, deepen innovation reform and enhance energy conservation and emission reduction. We tackled multiple difficulties and caught up with industrial counterparts. We have made new achievements in green, lowcarbon and sustainable development, manifesting our strong awareness of accountability as a central SOE. We have entered a new phase in constructing a value-added, eco-friendly, legal compliant, innovation-driven and CSR-minded Datang Power, and welcomed a good beginning of the 13th Five-Year Plan.

Looking back on 2016, we should all be proud of the way we confronted operational challenges, obstructions to our growth, various safety concerns and fierce market competition. Our team was resolute in demonstrating the Datang spirit "to be pragmatic, dedicated, innovative, and progressive". I was also greatly impressed by the support that we received from all levels of government and the trust that stakeholders and broader society showed us. Without this it would have been impossible for our company to overcome obstacles and continue its impressive growth. We are proud and extremely grateful to have such strong backing and support.

Looking to the future, I am filled with hope for 2017. A new spring season is upon us and with it come unprecedented opportunities for our development. To this end, we must grab opportunities that come from the government's implementation of major strategies aimed at constructing a clean, low-carbon, safe, efficient and modern energy system, and accelerating the pace of reforms to state-owned assets, state-owned enterprises and the electrical power system. As a listed comprehensive energy enterprise, Datang Power, with its good assets and powerful strength, is ready to accept any challenges and seek for innovation. Grasping all these precious opportunities will bring it a brilliant future.

We are also confident as what 2017 holds for us as an energy company. Ongoing reforms, increasing market competition, and mounting operational pressures remind us that we must improve our business operations, and we will do this by adopting new approaches to power generation to meet our targets and mobilize more energy. In 2017 we will keep on our values and the benefitoriented principle to vigorously push forward reform and innovation and comprehensively improve our quality and efficiency. We will devote ourselves to scientific development, green operations and legal compliance to achieve win-win results, create wealth for our shareholders and deliver even greater benefits to society. We believe our actions in 2017 will win us wider trust and support from society and increase the value of state-owned assets.

We will implement the 13th Five-Year Plan of the company to improve quality and efficiency and contribute to the construction of a prosperous society with the responsibility of a company that understands the importance of fulfilling its mission as a central SOE. We will cooperate with our stakeholders to jointly create more values and brighten the path to be an industry leading, world-class comprehensive energy company.

Chen Jinxing, Chairman of the Board

Datang International Power Generation Co.,Ltd.

Commitment from the General Manager


As we begin 2017, our surroundings take ona new look. Over the past year, Datang Power has stocked to its values and benefit-orientedprinciple. We have risen to the unprecedented challenges and made great effortsto catch up the development trend. We hope to gather our intelligence to followthe trend and bravery to face difficulties. It is the proper sense ofresponsibility as a central SOE.

In 2016, we made new breakthrough as acentral SOE by narrowing the gap between us and our competitors. Under our  "One-Five-Eight" corporatedevelopment strategy we continued to focus on strengthening our strengths toovercome weakness. In 2016, we ranked first among the five listed powergeneration corporations for approved power generation capacity projects, andInner Mongolia Power Tuoketuo Generation became the largest thermal power plantin the world by expanding its operations to Hainan province and implementingstructural reforms.

We also improved ourselves in reform. Wesystematically overhauled all duplicate functions and departments in headquartersaccording to the Group's deployment, and promoted the structural reform inprofessional field, made institutional improvements and upgraded our internalcontrols. These changes will positively influence how we manage the company,improving our efficiency, delivering greater profits, and mitigating risks.

We have taken steps to refocus our energyon building an elite team over the past year. To this end, we have revised our approachto team building and management and are already seeing dividends indisciplined, tenacious and spirited way our staff approach work. We believethat acting responsibly and in accordance with our obligations as a central SOEwill continue to strengthen the Group.

We have made progress on our policy ofbeing aligned with the Party and encouraging Party membership. We regularly educatestaff to study the theoretical and practical issues of party building,implementthe principle of "Party committee to assume primary responsibility andCommission for Discipline Inspection to assume supervision responsibility"and enhance "Four Consciousness" so that all the policies anddecisions of central government can be better implemented.

As we look forward to 2017, we willcontinue to focus on the Group policy and will aim our attention at making 2017"The Year of Overall Improvement." We will continue to improve ourmarket position and the quality of our operations by accelerating theimplementation of projects during the 13th Five-Year Plan period and buildingan elite team that will enable us surpass our industrial counterparts.

Improving how we manage safety will play animportant role in the future success of our company. As such, we will continue tomeet or exceed all safety standards.

We will also raise awareness about theimportance of being a safe enterprise among our employees, and improve ourmanagement of production and technology activities in accordance with the Group'sprocesses and team standards. Our competitive advantages enable us to meetmarket challenges head on,  and allow usto deliver electricity that is profitable.

In 2017, we will improve  the quality of our assets and take the initiativeupgrading the power generation industry and we will explore regionalopportunities and overseas projects.

We will continue to focus on improving ourcorporate governance model by pushing forward reforms, upgrading capital operationsand deepening law-based corporate administration.

By "striving for the best" wewill improve the quality of our elite work teams and maintain the highestworkplace standards to safeguard the efficiency of our management teams.

We will strengthen Party membership bypromoting and disseminating the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and educatingemployees on the ideals and approach of the Party. We will adopt the Party'sapproach to work and its approach to clean government to create a transparentpolitical atmosphere that strengthens our cohesion and competitiveness.

By being true to our corporate mission, wecan forge ahead with our plans during the spring months and, with your support,we sincerely invite you to witness our achievements and create an industryleading, world class Datang Power together. 

WangXin, General Manager

DatangInternational Power Generation Co., Ltd.

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