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Management Team

Board of Directors  


Chen Jinhang 

Chairman and Non-executive Director

Mr. Chen, aged 61, is a professor-grade senior engineer with postgraduate qualifications. Mr. Chen is currentlyChairman and Party Committee Secretaryof    CDC. He started to work at First Power Plant in Heze, Shandong,in December 1972, and has successively served as Directorand General Managerof Shandong Electric Power Group Corporation, Party Secretary and General Managerof Shanxi ElectricPower Corporation,  Party Committee Member and Deputy General Managerof State Grid Corporation of China as well as Director, GeneralManager and Party Committee Member of CDC. He took up the current positionsince April 2013. Mr. Chen has long been engagedin electricity production and businessmanagement, and has extensive knowledgeand practical experience in electricity  production and  business management.

刘传东-Liu Chuandong

Non-executive Director

Mr. Liu, aged 54, post-graduate, is a senior accountant. Mr. Liu startedto work in July 1981 and has successively served as Deputy Director of the FundSettlement Management Center of CPI Group, Deputy General  Manager of  CPI  Financial Co., Ltd., Deputy Head of Finance and Asset Management Department of CPIGroup, General Manager and Deputy Party Committee Secretary of CPI FinancialCo., Ltd., Director of Fund Settlement Management Center  of CPI  Group,  General Manager and Party Committee Secretary of China Datang Finance CompanyLimited, Party Committee Secretary of CDC Capital Holding Company, as well asDirector of the Financial Management Department of China Datang Corporation aswell as Party Committee Secretary of CDC Capital Holding Company. He has servedas a director of Datang Environment Industry Group Co., Ltd.* (a company listedon the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, stock code: 1272) since June 2015. He hasserved as Chief Accountant  and  Party Committee  Member  of  CDCsince October  2015.  Mr. Liu  has  long been  engaged  in corporate  finance  as well as operation and management of power generation enterprises and hasextensive experience in finance and management of power generation enterprises.


Vice Chairman of the Company, Executive Director, General  Manager

Wang Xin, aged 56, is  a  senior engineer  with  postgraduate qualifications. Mr. Wang was the deputy head of the Steam Engine Team,head of the Maintenance and Repair Management Division, head of the BiotechnologyDivision, assistant to the plant manager, deputy plant manager and chiefengineer, plant manager and secretary of the party committee of Tianjin FirstPower Plant. He also served as the head of the Power Generation Department andthe Heat Supply Division and deputy chief engineer of  Tianjin Electric Power Company and was concurrently  the general  manager  and secretary  of the party committeeof Sanyuan  Power  Group Co.,  Limited.  Mr. Wang  was the deputy head ofthe  Production  Safety Department  of  CDC, secretary  of the party committeeand general manager of Datang Heilongjiang Power Generation Co., Ltd., head ofthe General Manager Office (International Cooperation) and assistant to generalmanager and head of the Office (Policy and Legal Department and InternationalCooperation Department) of CDC. Mr. Wang was appointed  as the  President  and deputy  Party  Committee Secretary of the Company with  effect  from March  2016,  and was  appointed  as  theVice Chairman of the Company with effect from  July  2016. Mr.  Wang  has long been engaged in the production andoperation management of power generation enterprises and possesses extensiveexperiences in power generation and operation management.


Liang Yongpan

Non-executive Director

Mr. Liang, aged 51, university graduate, is a senior engineer. Mr. Liangserved as the Deputy Division Head and Deputy Plant Head (Production) of theProduction  Division of Lanzhou No. 2Thermal Power Factory, General Manager of  Lanzhou  Xigu Thermal Power Co. Ltd., Member  of Party  Committee,  Deputy General Manager and Chairman of the Labour Union of Gansu branch of CDCand Datang Gansu Power Generation Co., Ltd., Deputy Head of Planning,Investment and Financing Department of CDC, as well as the Secretary of PartyCommittee and General Manager of Datang Gansu Power Generation Co., Ltd., theHead of Planning and Marketing Department of CDC. He has served as a directorof Datang Environment Industry Group Co., Ltd.* (a company listed on the HongKong Stock Exchange, stock code: 1272) since April 2016. He has served as adirector of China Datang Corporation Renewable Power Co., Limited* (1798.HK)since June 2016. Mr. Liang has long been involved in the production, operationand management work of power generation enterprises. Mr. Liang has extensiveexperience in production, operation and management of power generationcompanies.


Ying Xuejun

Executive Director, Deputy General Manager, Joint Company Secretary

Mr.Ying, aged 50, a senior engineer with a bachelor’s degree. He currently servesas the Deputy General Manager of the Company, Secretary to the Board and theJoint Company Secretary. Mr. Ying was the Deputy Director of the ProductionDepartment of Tangshan Power Plant; the Deputy Director of the ProductionTechnology Department, the Deputy Manager of the Facilities Department, theManager of the Facilities Department, the Deputy Chief Engineer cum the Managerof the Facilities Department and the Deputy General Manager of Dou He Power Plant;the Deputy General Manager and the General Manager of Inner Mongolia DatangInternational Tuoketuo Power Generation Company Limited; and the Deputy GeneralManager of Inner Mongolia Branch Company of Datang. In December 2008, he was   re-designated as the Chief of theIntegrated  Planning  Department, the  Deputy  Chief Economist cum the Chief of the Integrated Planning Department and ChiefEconomist of the headquarter of the Company. Since December 2015, he has beenappointed as the Secretary to the Board of the Company. Since January 2017, hehas been appointed as the Party Committee Member and Deputy General Manager ofthe Company. Mr. Ying has worked for long in production, operation andmanagement of power generation companies, and has extensive experience inproduction, operation and management.

0052赵献国-Zhao xianguo

Non-executive Director

Mr Zhao, aged 48, is asenior  engineer  with a  postgraduate  degree. Mr.  Zhao started his career inthe electric branch of Xingtai Power Generation Plant in 1990. He has been theengineer head of the office of the electric repair branch of Xingtai PowerGeneration  Plant,  an assistant  to  the head  of  the electric  repair  branch and assistant to the head, deputy headand head of the operation and planning department of Hebei Xingtai PowerGeneration Company  Limited;  the deputy chief economist and the head of the operation and planningdepartment of Hebei Xingtai Power Generation Company Limited; the deputygeneral manager of Hebei Construction & Investment Xuanhua Thermal PowerCompany Limited. He has been acting as the deputy general manager of theappraisal and evaluation department of Hebei Construction & InvestmentGroup Co., Ltd. since December 2013. Mr. Zhao has long been engaged in theproduction and management of power generation enterprises and has extensiveknowledge and practical experience in production, operation  and business management.


Cao Xin

Non-executive Director

Mr. Cao, aged 45, is adoctoral candidate specialized in national economics from Renmin University ofChina, and a principal senior economist. Mr. Cao started to work at HebeiConstruction Investment Company in July 1992, and has successively served as projectmanager and assistant to manager of the industrial branch office of HebeiConstruction Investment Company, Assistant to Manager and deputy manager of theasset management branch company of Hebei Construction Investment Company,manager of public utilities second department of  Hebei  Construction Investment  Company  cum General  Manager of HebeiConstruction Investment New Energy Co., Ltd., Assistant to General Manager ofHebei Construction Investment Company cum Secretary of Party Committee and generalmanager of Hebei Construction Investment New Energy Co., Ltd., a standingmember of the Party Committee of Hebei Construction Investment Company andSecretary of Party Committee and President of China Suntien  Green Energy  Corporation  Ltd., Secretary  of Party Committee andGeneral Manager  of  Hebei Construction  Investment  New Energy Co., Ltd., member of the standing committee of Party Committee ofHebei Construction & Investment Group Co., Ltd. and the Chairman of ChinaSuntien Green Energy Corporation Ltd., member of the standing committee ofParty Committee and Deputy General Manager of Hebei Construction &Investment Group Co., Ltd. and the Chairman of China Suntien Green EnergyCorporation Ltd.. He has been serving as member of the standing committee ofParty Committee and Deputy General Manager of Hebei  Construction  & Investment Group Co., Ltd. cum a director and general manager of YanshanDevelopment (Yanshan International Investment) Company Limited and the Chairmanof China  Suntien  Green Energy Corporation Ltd. since September2016. Mr. Cao has long been engaged in the management of energy projects andhas extensive knowledge and practical experience in energy production andbusiness   management.


Liu Haixia

Non-executive Director

Mr. Liu, aged 55, is a senior engineer with a postgraduate degree. Hecurrently serves as the Vice President of Beijing Energy Investment HoldingCompany Limited. Mr. Liu joined Beijing Electric Power Company in 1983. He hasbeen Assistant to President of Beijing International Power Development andInvestment Company in 1998. He has been Assistant  to President  of  Beijing Energy Investment (Group) Company Limited since 2004. He has been VicePresident of Beijing Energy Investment (Group) Company Limited since May 2009.He served as Vice President of Beijing Energy Investment Holding CompanyLimited since December 2014. With his long-standing involvement in productionmanagement and investment management of power companies, Mr. Liu has acquiredextensive knowledge and practical experience in production and businessmanagement of power  companies,  investment and financing.

Guan Tiangang

Non-executive Director

Ms. Guan, aged 49, is a senior engineer with  a  master degree.  She  currently serves as the Chief Engineer ofBeijing Energy Investment (Group) Company Limited.  Ms. Guan  started  her career  in  Beijing  Shijingshan   Thermal Power Plantin 1990. She then became  the  Deputy Manager  of  the Power Investment and Management Department of Beijing InternationalPower Development and Investment Company and Manager of the Power Generationand Operation Department of Beijing International Power Development andInvestment Company. She became the Manager of the Power Generation andOperation Department of Beijing Energy  Investment  (Group) Company  in  December 2004. In January 2007, she became the Vice President and the Secretaryto the Board of Directors of Beijing Jingneng International Energy CompanyLimited. She was the Chief Engineer of Beijing Energy Investment (Group)Company Limited in May 2009. She has served as the Chief Engineer of BeijingEnergy Investment (Group) Company Limited since December 2014. Ms. Guan haslong been engaged in the work of power investment operation management, and hasextensive knowledge and practical experience in management of power investmentand finance and management  of  electricity safety production.


Zhu Shaowen

Non-executive Director

Mr. Zhu, aged 52, a master’sdegree holder and  a  senior engineer with postgraduate qualifications. He currently serves as theManager of Electric Power Department of Tianjin Energy Investment GroupLimited. Mr. Zhu previously worked as  an  Engineer and  the  Deputy Head  of  Specialty  Department  at Tianjin ElectricPower Science Research Institute, Head of Planning and Design Department ofState Grid Tianjin Electric Power Company, Deputy Head  of Project Department, Vice-manager(Person-in-Charge) and Manager of Power Development Department and manager ofProject Development Department of Tianjin Jinneng Investment Company, GeneralManager (concurrent) of Tianjin Jinneng Wind Power Co., Ltd. Since December2013, Mr. Zhu  has  been the Manager of Electric Power Department  of  Tianjin Energy  Investment Group Limited.Mr. Zhu has long been engaged in management of production operation andadministrative roles in power generation enterprises, and  has extensive experience in the operation andmanagement of power generation enterprises.


Luo Zhongwei

Independent Non-executive Director

Mr. Luo, aged 61, a Doctor of Economics. Mr. Luo is currently aresearcher of the Institute of Industrial Economics  of  Chinese Academy  of Social Sciences, aprofessor and doctoral supervisor of the Graduate School of Chinese Academy ofSocial Sciences and the chief analyst of the Innovation Engineering Project ofChinese Academy of Social Sciences. He is also the director of Small and  Medium-sized Enterprises  Research  Centre under Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a legislative consultant tothe Law on Promotion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises for the NationalPeople’s Congress, a member of the Investment Advisory Committee of theInvestment Association of China, a member of the Management ModernisationWorking Committee of China Enterprise Confederation, a scholar and tutor  of  the“Light of the West” Scheme under the Organisation Department of the CommunistParty of China, as well  as  the Head  of  MBA Case  Research Center of GraduateSchool of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Mr. Luo served as anindependent director of Zhejiang China Commodities City Group Co., Ltd. (acompany listed on the  Shanghai  Stock Exchange,  stock code: 600415) andSichuan Langsha Holding Ltd. (a company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange,stock code: 600137). Mr. Luo has long term engagement in research on industryand corporate strategies, corporate management, promotion and policy of smalland medium-sized enterprises, development and reform of state-ownedenterprises. He has  extensive experiencein strategic planning for corporate development and corporate management.


Liu Huangsong

Independent Non-executive Director

Mr. Liu, aged 48, a Master of Science and a Doctor of Economics fromFudan University. Mr. Liu is currently the chief economist of Hengdeli HoldingsLimited, the deputy director of the Center for Securities Studies of FudanUniversity (part- time), Vice President of Shanghai Finance Society, as  well as  the  independent director of Shanghai Xinhua MediaCo., Ltd. (a  company  listed on  the Shanghai Stock Exchange,stock code: 600825) and Shanghai Zijiang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. (a companylisted on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, stock code: 600210). Mr. Liu served asdeputy section chief and officer of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Statistics anddirector of the Bureau’s Statistics and Industry Development Center, thegeneral manager of the investment planning department, the general manager ofthe development and research department and a supervisor of China WorldbestGroup, the deputy general manager of a listed company under the group and theassistant to the group president, the director, researching professor anddoctoral supervisor of Research Centre for Economic Prosperity of Shanghai  Academy of Social Sciences, as well as the independent director of HengdeliHoldings Limited, Shanghai Prime Machinery  Company  Limited (a  company  listed on  the  Hong Kong Stock Exchange, stock code: 02345),Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. (a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange,stock code: 00350), Changan Fund Management Co., Ltd. and Changan InternationalTrust Co., Ltd. Mr. Liu has long term engagement in research in economics andhas extensive experience in economic operation  and  corporate management.


Jiang Fuxiu

Independent Non-executive Director

Mr. Jiang,  aged  47, a  Doctor  of Economics  and  a Postdoctoral  Scholar inManagement (Accounting). Mr. Jiang is currently the professor and doctoralsupervisor of the Finance Department of the School of Business of RenminUniversity of China. Mr. Jiang is currently the independent director of threelisted companies on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, namely Yantai Longyuan PowerTechnology Co., Ltd. (a company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stockcode: 300105), Beijing UTour International Travel Service Co., Ltd. (a companylisted on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code: 002707) and Shandong QixingIron  Tower  Co., Ltd.  (a  company listed on the Shenzhen Stock  Exchange, stock  code:  002359). Mr.  Jiang has long termengagement in research in economics and has extensive experience in corporategovernance and financial  management.

冯根福副本Feng Genfu

Independent Non-executive Director

Mr. Feng, aged 59, a professor and a doctoral supervisor who holds adoctorate degree in Economics. Mr. Feng served as the director and  chief editor  of  the Journal Editorial Department, and thedean, professor and doctoral supervisor of Business School of ShaanxiUniversity of Finance and Economics. He served as the dean, doctoral supervisorand professor of the School of Finance and Economics of Xi’an JiaotongUniversity from May 2000 to January 2016. Dr. Feng has long been involved ineducation and administration management of Economics and Finance. He hasextensive experience in Economics and Finance. Dr. Feng served as anindependent director of AVIC Aircraft Co., Ltd. (stock code: 000768), ChinaNon-ferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd.(stock code: 000758), Shaanxi Broadcast & TV Network  Intermediary Co.,  Ltd.  (stock code: 600831), Shaanxi Aerospace PowerHi-Tech. Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600343) and Shaanxi Fenghuo Electronics Co.,Ltd (stock code: 000561), Executive Vice President of China  Industry Economic  Research  Institute and  the  Vice President of Chinese Institute of Business Administration. He currentlyserves as a professor and a doctoral supervisor of the School of  Finance and  Economics  of Xi’an Jiaotong University, and an independent director of Bode EnergyEquipment Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300023), Hubei Biocause Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. (stock code: 000627), Changchai Co., Ltd. (stock code: 000570) and CSCFinancial Co., Ltd. (HK: 06066).


Liu Jizhen

Independent  Non-executive Director

Mr.  Liu, aged  65,  is a  member  of the  Communist  Party of  China,  a professor, a tutor of doctoral students and an academician of theChinese Academy of Engineering. Mr. Liu has served as the head of the Facultyof Power of North China Power College since July 1990; has served as thevice  dean  of the  North China Power College,the vice principal of the North China Electric Power University and theprincipal of  Baoding  Campus since  August  1993; has  served  as  theprincipal of the School of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering, WuhanUniversity since June 1998; and served as the principal of the North ChinaElectric Power University from January 2001 to November 2016. He currentlyserves as the head of the State Key Laboratory of Alternate Electrical PowerSystem with Renewable Energy Sources, the chief scientist  of the  “973  Programme”. He  concurrently serves as thevice president of the China Electricity Council, the vice president of ChineseSociety for Electrical Engineering, the vice president of Chinese Society ofPower Engineering and a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology(FIET). Mr. Liu has long been engaged in researches  in  fields including  thermal powergeneration control and development and utilisation of power from  new energy sources, as well as technologydevelopment, engineering application  andtalent cultivation, and has  obtained  innovative and  systemic  research results. He has extensive experience in power technology innovation andapplication, corporate  management  and other aspects.

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