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Management Team(2)

Members of the Supervisory Committee  

Yu Meiping

Chairman of the Supervisory   Committee

Ms. Yu, aged 54, with a bachelor degree, is  a senior  economist  as  well  asa senior political officer. She is currently a Party Committee Member andLeader of the discipline inspection team of the Company. Ms. Yu has served as acadre in the economic research centre of Xi’an Municipal Government, thePrincipal Staff Member of the first supervision bureau of the State’s Ministryof Supervision, the Deputy Director of the fourth unit of the first disciplineand inspection office and the Director of the corporate guidance division ofthe first discipline, inspection and supervision office of the  Central Commission  for  Discipline Inspection, the Deputy Chief of the corporate supervision bureau of theCDC and Deputy Director (Person-in-Charge) of the department of corporatesupervision (office of discipline and inspection division of the PartyCommittee) of CDC. Ms. Yu has long been engaged in roles in relation todiscipline, inspection and supervision, and has extensive experience indiscipline, inspection, supervision and corporate supervision  and management.

Zhang Xiaoxu

Vice Chairman of the Supervisory   Committee

Mr. Zhang, aged 53, is asenior accountant with a bachelor degree. He currently serves as the Manager ofthe settlement center of Tianjin Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhangcommenced career in Liaoning Fushun First Construction Company in 1982. Heserved as Accountant in Liaoning Fushun First Construction Company, Accountantand Chief Accountant  of  Liaoning Power  Plant;  and Deputy Head and Head of FinanceDepartment, Deputy Chief Accountant, Chief Accountant of Liaoning NenggangPower Generation Co., Ltd., and Vice Manager and Manager of FinancialDepartment of Tianjin Jinneng Investment Company. He became the Manager of thesettlement center of Tianjin Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd. since December2013. Mr. Zhang has long been engaged in financial management and has extensivepractical working  experience.

87-蓝底Liu Quan Cheng

Members for the Supervisory Committee

Mr. Liu, aged 53, is a senior accountant with university education. Hecurrently serves as the head of financial management department of China DatangCorporation. Mr. Liu commenced his career in Xinxiang Coal-fired Plant inAugust 1983. He served as the chief accountant of Xinxiang Coal- fired Plant;the chief accountant of Luoyang Shouyangshan Electricity Plant; the head of thesupervisory audit department, the deputy chief accountant and the head offinancial  and  asset management  department  and the chief accountant of Henan Branch of CDC; the deputy head offinancial management department of CDC; party committee member and the chiefaccountant of the Company. He has served as the current position since January2016. He served as a director of Datang Huayin Electric Power Co., Ltd. (stockcode: 600744) since June 2016. Mr. Liu has long been engaged in financialmanagement in power generation enterprises and he possesses ample experience infinancial management.

郭红111Guo Hong

Member of the Supervisory Committee

Ms. Guo, aged 48, with a post-graduate master degree, is a senioreconomist. She currently serves as a director of the human resources departmentof the Company. Ms. Guo Hong has served as Deputy Manager of the developmentdepartment, Deputy Officer and then officer of the human  resources department, Deputy Chief economistof China National Water Resources & Electric Power Materials &Equipment Co., Ltd. and concurrently as the Manager of the Import and ExportCompany of China National Water Resources & Electric Power Materials & Equipment Co., Ltd. She  acted as  the  department head of the senior managementpersonnel management office of the human resources department of CDC, and hasbeen an officer of the human resources department of the Company since March2014. Ms. Guo Hong is familiar with the development and management of humanresources in power generation companies and has extensive experience in humanresources management in power  generationcompanies.

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